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Airline approved dog carriers for taking your dog along with you on the flight

You are a dog lover and would hate to leave your pet at home when you are required to travel either for business or pleasure and taking your pet with you seems to be the best solution, but how do you take your pooch on the plane? Yes, there are several airlines that do understand how much you adore your dog and they have made provisions for you to carry your pet along with you while you fly in their aircraft. But they do have some specific rules on how you are allowed to carry the dog and getting an airline approved dog carriers is an absolute necessity. So before you plan your trip and purchase your tickets you must verify with your airlines about their rules regarding carrying pets on their plane and plan in advance to avoid last minute hassles.

Airline Approved Dog Carriers

The rules laid down by the airlines might seem unfair sometimes to you owing to your extreme love for your pet but they are made only keeping the safety and comfort of your dog in mind and also not to cause disturbance to the other passengers on board.

Some important points to verify before you purchase an airline approved dog carrier

The most important point to verify would of course be the size restrictions laid down for pet carriers.

Next point is the weight limitations that are specified for your pet.

What about the over sized dogs; can they be comfortable in the pet carrier?

How about food and water for the pet during the flight?

What if the dog creates a racket when kept in the pet carrier?

Can you carry the dog along with you next to you in the flight?

These are some of the common points that would strike you when you are planning to take your doggy along with you on the flight; you can log on to the web site of the desired airlines and get all your doubts cleared before stepping out to get the airline approved dog carrier for your pet.

About carrying large sized dogs in the aircraft

If your dog is a gentle giant like the St. Bernard or any other huge sized one you will have to first of all enquire from the airlines their policy regarding carrying them on the flight. There are some airlines that refuse to allow big dogs into their plane, so choose one that allows them.

Huge dogs surely cannot be sitting next to you in the aircraft; you will have to check the pet into the cargo area. Yes, this sounds terrible and cruel to you but trust me if you get the right airline approved dog carrier it will be very comfortable for your pet there, so you need not get stressed about this.

Carrying smaller dogs in the aircraft

Some of the airlines let you carry your small sized dog as a carry one; but the size restrictions are quite strict.

The little doggies can be carried in a shoulder carrier and you find a whole lot of celebrities carrying their pets this way, but you will have to ensure that your pet stays quiet and calm during the flight.

So, now you have a basic idea of what to look at while purchasing the apt Airline Approved Dog Carriers for taking your pet along with you on the flight, all you need to ensure is that your pet is comfortable and safe in its carrier; here’s wishing a happy journey to you and your lovable doggy!

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