Airline Approved Dog Carriers

Remember flying with your pet does take a lot of effort on your part and a little adjustment on the pet’s part. But leaving behind a pet dog while going out for a long duration could be very stressful for you and taking your pet along sounds good though it needs a lot of spade work.

First is to choose an airline that is pet friendly and allows dogs into the aircraft; after finding out you should look into the other requirements like airlines approved pet carriers and their policy on carrying pets next to you in the seat. They have special protocols when it comes to animals and you will have to educate yourself about them and gather all relevant information before you plan your trip.

Airline Approved Dog Carriers

 Rules relating to size of the dogs

Airlines are very strict when it comes to size and weight specifications of your pet; the very small breeds commonly referred to as the teacup breeds can be kept with you on the flight in a soft carrier called pet bag.

The large sized dogs such as Golden Retrievers, Saint Bernards, German Shepherds, etc. need to be kept in airlines approved dog carriers and need to travel in the cargo area. Though this sounds harsh to dog lovers, it is in fact very comfortable for the dog there.

When it comes to the medium sized dogs things get a little tricky; you will have to measure the length of your dog, measure the size of the dog carrier and ensure that they fit into the stipulations laid down by the airlines.

How do we know which size of the dog is small or big?

Though airlines differ slightly in their yardsticks in general this is what you can expect for in cabin pets and pets to be kept in the cargo area.

Small refers to a length of 16”, width of 10” and height of 8.5”; weight of the dog can be around 8 lbs.

Medium refers to length of 18”, width of 11” and height of 10.5”; weight can be around 16 lbs.

Big refers to length of 20”, width of 11.75” and height of 11.5”; weight can around 22lbs. Remember not to go by the weight of the dog alone; the measurements are more important

Never make your decision based strictly on the weight of your pet! In reality, the dog should be made to feel comfortable and should be able to move about in its crate while travelling.

Airline approved dog carriers that are to be preferred

To make it more convenient for you to tug your dog while you are travelling there are some additional features such as carriers with wheels that are truly great for bigger dogs that are pretty heavy to lug around. While in transit when the pet has to be moved from one aircraft to the other or from one airport to the other these Airline Approved Dog Carriers with wheels are such a boon.

Carrying pets inside the cabin of an aircraft

Small sized dogs are allowed inside the cabin by some of the airlines but you should ensure that they stay calm during the flight if not your co passengers could complain about it.

And if you can afford and are willing to pay for an extra seat, provided the airline allows it, you can place the dog carrier on the seat beside you instead of stowing it under the seat before you. This would be the best way to carry your pet along provided you don’t mind the additional cost; it keeps the pet and you happy to be sitting beside each other!

Precautions to take while carrying your pet in the aircraft

When planning to take your dog along with you while you travel you will have to ensure that you first get an appropriate airline approved dog carrier.

The next thing would be to arrive a little earlier than usual just in case you face any unforeseen issues while checking in.

Read the specific policies of the airlines you have chosen to fly regarding carrying pets; some of the ground crew may not be up to date on these and it might become necessary to let them know politely that you have read all their rules and let them know about them.

Finally before carrying your pet in the airlines approved pet carriers it helps to learn about travel safety for your dog to avoid any hassles.